Place Week – Melbourne – 11th-17th May

Less than a week to go before Place Week kicks off in Melbourne

We have a rich program supported by 16 events hosted at venues around the city.

The week starts with Mother’s day celebration in Tarneit where young children and their parents are invited to enjoy a morning of arts and crafts with the Bush Bus and a saunter through Carlton exploring the ticky problems through interactive games. A tour with a difference; discover hidden perspectives, and new possibilities.

Then things get hot and heated in The Great Place Debate; is community engagement wankery or something more. Profound insights galore, don’t miss this battle for emPOWERment.  

The following day, things get even trickier… When you can barely get your head around this placemaking palava and now it has to be regenerative too?! Come and find out what happens when you start with a systems view, seek to unearth the essence of a place, and embrace the whole. When all the nuances and eccentricities of people and place are embraced and leveraged to reach for potential with new vitality. How do placemaking acupuncture points catalyse engagement and reveal hidden gems to make thriving places.

What’s next? Come and see the work of the built environment shapers of the future coming from and what are they learning about place and community development for better public spaces and places? In the student exhibition ‘Installations and Happenings’ you will find out what this Sandbox Studio students have achieved through this semester of creative placemaking. Then it is time to question… it is all very well and good to be doing these nice community place things, but does any of it really work and how do you know when it is? Rating Place will reveal the evaluation challenges and limitations but also ways of moving forward as place evaluation process can answer what works and what doesn’t for your community.

It’s hump day. How are you going? Are you ready to Make Sh*t Happen?  The CoDesign posse will take you through how they work with council and communities to get things on the ground, and the Town Team Movement crew will discuss their innovative locally-led place management practices that can help keep it all going. Now that you are really excited race on down to the Doomsday Prepping for the Socially Convivial event, because it’s time for a good pub meal and a drink. But wait there’s more! This is an event with a difference, what happens when you a) acknowledge a climate emergence, b) want to find out more about Biomimicry, c) want to build community, d) want to prepare for an unknown future, e) did we mention food and drinks. Don’t be a stranger join the prepping party at the Clyde Hotel.


Only two days to go, you can see the light, it’s Gilbert the Village Well magic man, and Dr Dominique Hes the place education mover and shaker (Place Agency / Thrive Hub), they will be joined by Rob McGauran (MSG Architects), Kirsten Bauer (Aspect Studios), and Jon Peacock (Director of Space Management University of Melbourne). What is the future and potential of University Precincts; this is a half day session with the lot: place, personal growth, economy, design, community, celebration….and even a little bit of education.

Let’s face it, you should just clear your Thursday schedule. Because after lunch it’s time to avoid digital disasters! We all know we have a closer relationship with our appliances than with other people so how does this impact our experience of public space and how can we use tech to improve your experience of public space. Our crack tech team will tell you how. Unless you live in the outer suburbs, do you really think about them, or just drive through them to get to your holiday destination, weekend hiking spot, or to visit those annoying friends who moved to North Northcote. Well there is more happening in the outer suburbs than you might think, and our panel will tell you where to find the hidden gems that are not to be dismissed or bypassed.



Did you know that Thursday has more hours than any other day?! It’s time to head to Fishermans bend before they ruin it.  Join urbanist, storyteller, and experienced walk leader, Janet Bolitho for a journey into the past, present and future of Fishermans Bend. And after you’ve fallen in love with the area join a lively workshop to discuss place beyond planning and how we can ensure the unique character of the precinct be protected and celebrated as it evolves into Melbourne’s newest neighbourhood.  

You’ve made it. It’s Friday. But have you been to Cremorne? Do you even know where it is? No it’s not a new suburb, yes it’s really quite close to the CBD. It’s Richmonds little sister, and she is really growing up. Join the tour and find out what the locals love about this little, hidden suburb, discover the joys, and urban development pressures, the green spaces and secret treasures. Cremorne it growing up, but who will emerge out of the Birrarung mist?


Ok, for real this time, it’s the end of Place Week and that means it’s time for a party! If you haven’t made it to The Living Pavilion it’s ok, this is your chance! Join us for a celebration of placemaking, of participation, of place, of potential, of pavilions. This event marks the end of this festival through a music show featuring The Merindas. Two highly talented Indigenous musicians and winners of 2013 Deadly award nomination for Most Promising New Talent In Music and 2015 Indigenous WAM Song of the Year for their single “Ready to Love”.   

Download the full program here

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