Creating Places

Place Agency takes you back to a time when it was all about creating fun in a space or sandbox and making new friends. The playful child within is always there, nurtured by whatever it is fed, so whatever your age, we are here to help you start something special in a place.


Our Vision

The Place Agency project delivers a suite of educational and practice-based programs on placemaking and place development for graduate level students and early-career placemakers. These place-led approaches enable current and future practitioners to plan and design civic places with the community so that shared values can be realised.

Place Agency aims to enhance the theory and practice of co-designing places through three core components:

  • Bringing an academic lens of analysis to placemaking and place development practices
  • Greater integration of nature through an emphasis on ecological aspects on place
  • Integration of Indigenous perspectives in representations on place.

Guided by the insights of placemaking practitioners, and combined with academic rigour, this project has been collaboratively developed by a consortium of universities led by the University of Melbourne.

We thank The Myer Foundation, who provided the funding for our consortium to add to the voice of placemaking theory and practice.

We are creating a exciting platform for a new generation one we like to call “the sandbox generation” our platform is designed to inspire a fresh way to discover people, places and nature. Beneficial to the individual. Transformative to the local community. And all you have to do is to jump in and play.

We welcome you to take a look through our menu to learn more about the Place Agency.