Course Modules

A total of 11 course modules were created through a collaboration between universities and practitioners.


The universities worked alongside 16 industry practitioners who provided their expertise and guidance to identify the critical skills required to become an effective placemaker.


The modules provide a strong theoretical framework and multiple case studies, that will enable students to:

  1. Understand the importance of placemaking,
  2. Integrate placemaking it into their daily design work/practice,
  3. Reflect from placemaking projects for continuous improvement.

Currently, the long-term integration plans see that The University of Melbourne will deliver the suite of modules as a permanent subject, ‘Placemaking for the Built Environment’. This is to be run for the first time as an Winter Intensive in June 2019 but will later be offered as a full semester subject. This subject applies a case study approach to sequentially take students through each component of placemaking – starting from the story of place, conceptualising the project, through to creating and evaluating the place making product.