Place Week – Event – Rating Place

Current practice, why it is important and current limitations.

Place Week event, Rating Place, brings together a placemaking powerhouse panel.

As placemaking gathers momentum, how do we separate, that which offers only passing novelty, from that which fosters an ongoing sense of belonging. With increasing social, economic, and environmental pressure, how can we really evaluate placemaking and urban renewal interventions, to better understand what works, what doesn’t, and most importantly why. How can we create public environments that facilitate solutions to the challenges we face. And, how do we know if we have achieved an emotional connection between people and place?    

Helaine Stanley (226 Strategic) Helaine is skilled in strategic planning, marketing strategy and implementation in the area of sustainable built environment, transport and placemaking for liveability outcomes. Helaine provides consulting services through 226 Strategic and is also experienced in research and writing, service design and people or practice centred approaches. Helaine takes a grassroots approach, looking beyond redesign, to find the stories of place that spark connection.

Gilbert Rochecouste (Village Well) Founder & Managing Director of Village Well. For over 26 years Village Well has led the movement of (re)connecting people to place. Equity, dignity and access are core to our placemaking process. We have extensive experience developing bespoke placemaking strategies for all sizes and types of developments. Gilbert has demonstrated that success can come from ‘failures’ when you have the patience and grit to believe in the project and give it enough time to grow.

Joanne Taylor (Place Leaders Asia Pacific) Joanne is the CEO of Place Leaders Asia Pacific, a not-for-profit member organisation for the promotion of place leadership across the Asia Pacific. A driving force behind her work is a deep interest in applying creative strategy to emergent governance models and collaborative management systems. She draws inspiration from her architecture and design experience to constantly explore how these new models can be used to drive positive change in society in order to add value to people, place, design and communities. Building relationship is the key to success when working with multiple stakeholders. Joanne takes a personal approach to fostering a deeper understand the challenges faced by Place Leaders Asia Pacific members. Her voice bring insight to the needs and challenges of an extended network of placemakers.

Jessica Christiansen-Franks (Neighbourlytics) Jessica is passionate about creating liveable, equitable and interesting cities. With over fifteen years experience working across urban design, placemaking, community development and citizen engagement, she has been involved in some of Australia’s most complex and notable urban development projects. In her work as co-founder of Neighbourlytics she is focusing on using big data to provide insights into the unique local identity of neighbourhoods to create places people love and feel connected to.

Tiffany Tang (iDiscover) Tiffany is an experienced placemaker with specialised expertise in the field of community development in urban management. She has worked across South East Asia amongst some of the fastest urbanising neighbourhoods – empowering local communities to capture, retain, and value their cultural heritage, and develop their identity and sense of place. She has been involved in a wide range of cultural, historical, and place research to develop place-enabling programmes and training for local communities in Hong Kong, Macau, Myanmar, and Thailand.

Have your questions ready and join us at Rating Place


Tuesday 14th of May

Main Stage, The Living Pavilion,

Gate 8, University of Melbourne, Melbourne, VIC


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